Its a long word, but it means celebrating 125 years. Happy birthday, Monterey!
Known as Sttanding Stone for many moons prior to being founded as Monterey, things started
happenning in1893.
T.J. and Nancy Whittaker  sold  land  to
the Cumberland Mountain Coal Company.
T.J. reallly never got to see the new town’
s potential, because he was murdered by
his grandson on Nov. 30, 1900.
march, 1893
The Tennessee General Assembly incorporates the Town of  Monterey.
JUNE, 1893
The Town of Monterey plat, designed by
Robert Moscript, the civil engineer who laid
out the Nashville & Knoxville Railroad (N &
K RR) was registered in the Putnam Register
of Deeds offfice by John H. Onstott, of the
Cumberland Coal Company.
AUGUST, 1893
THE RAILROAD REACHES MONTEREY. Alexander Crawford’s Nashville & Knoxville Railroad reached
Monterey and transportation has never been the same. For years, it took days to get to Nashville, now only
took hours. Unfortunately, the ancient Standing Stone was in the railroad’s pathway. As remnabts were blown
up. Fortunately, the Improved Order of Redman reacued a 816 lbs. portion and had it ingraved in Cookeville
and returned in Oct. 1895.

December, 1893
The Tennessee Decretary of State officially  registered thencorporation of the TowAn of Monterey.

First Board of Mayor and Aldermen: Mayor Robert Lee Ray; and Aldermen John F. Sehon, John W. Welch,
James Calvin Walker and James Edward Jones. They served until an election was held in Dec., 1894.